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Pocket-sized gaming

Pupils' award-winning Oyster card tiddlywinks has been launched at London's Design Museum.

What is it?

Badoiiing, a modern combination of the catapult and tiddlywinks game, has a fold-out plastic catapult and counters that players must aim at an Oyster card holder propped upright about 30cm away. When the game is over, the pieces fit neatly in the card holder.

Who created it?

Pupils from Walworth Academy in London won the Design Museum's Design Ventura competition 2011-12 by creating a game that appeals to teenagers. They won a #163;1,000 bursary and professional guidance to develop Badoiiing, which is now on sale through the museum.

Visit bit.lyORtEyv

Why does it work?

Designer Sebastian Conran praises the design. "The physical components are simple and inexpensive," he says. "It encourages human interaction at all ages and it will endure long beyond the current crop of fashionable smartphones."

Budding young designers can take part in the Design Museum's Virtual Ventura competition. For more information, visit bit.lyNbPnan.

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