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Outdoor snappers

As the weather warms up, the temptation to abandon the classroom for the outdoors grows. But how can you control tasks and record learning? What will pupils have to show for their work at the end? This tutorial from NEN on using cameras will help you to develop an effective outdoor lesson.

What is it?

A series of step-by-step guides including:

- Starting points: a mind-map to help you make the best of an outdoor digital camera lesson.

- Inserting pictures into words: ask pupils to write a newspaper report on their discoveries.

- Photowizard: learn how to upload photos. It seems easy until you're faced with 10 groups of pupils all trying at the same time. Give them this hassle-free guide to take the pressure off.

- PowerPoint slideshows: a great way for pupils to present their work. Use as a backdrop to class presentations or upload to a blog and share with the world.

How is it useful?

If you're beginning a mini-beast project or planning some Olympic-themed sports activities, digital cameras can be great for helping to create reports or celebrate achievements.

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