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Typography and layout

What is it?

A great resource which covers typography and layout in considerable detail. There's a clear and concise PowerPoint for the teacher, with accompanying web and PDF activities for the students, which saves hours of time and also provides a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Its anatomy of type teaches students to use typefaces and its language of letter forms gives simple explanations, with examples.

How can it be used?

For an experienced graphics teacher, this project is excellent. But it's also great for staff new to teaching, or just new to graphic products. And it could easily be posted up on the school's virtual learning environment and used independently by KS4 and KS5 pupils.

Anything else?

One constant in my Year 10 groups is the need to make their folders look great. We have set up an e-portfolio template, as an effective guide, but we encourage the pupils to lose this once the information has been inputted. In one lesson I asked them to have a look at the websites of two well-established German car manufacturers and to compare their layouts against the examples shown. It was impressive to note how well the students did in comparison to these giants.

Find this resource and more at www.tes.co.ukresources004.

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