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ICTMusic - Resource of the week

Electrifying activities

Need a way to jump-start your lesson? Wordy WIlliam has shared a collection of activities for key stage 3-4 electronics and physics pupils.

What is it?

The resource is divided into a number of tasks:

- an electrical wordsearch and a DIY wordsearch;

- scidoku - step up the sudoku challenge by using electrical terms instead of numbers;

- components loop frame - can your pupils match the electrical symbols to the terms?

- biographies - what interesting facts can your pupils find out about important scientists?

- selling the lamp - can pupils come up with a pitch for a new lamp while considering the pros and cons of new technology?

Why is it useful?

"It is a simple and fun way of getting these terms and diagrams into everyday working practices," says TES DT adviser, Spencer Herbert.

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