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Ideas debated

More than 100 members of the Scottish Youth Parliament will meet at Holyrood today and tomorrow (October 29-30) to debate their ideas for young people.

The MSYPs, aged 14 to 25, will make history when they take part in the first committee meeting to be held in the Parliament's debating chamber. They will present two petitions to the Public Petitions Committee - the first time the committee has met just for young people's petitions.

The topics are "Ban Mosquito Devices Now" and "Political Education for All". A third petition by South Ayrshire Youth Forum will ask that young people's views be included when considering changes to leisure and cultural facilities.

The MSYPs will also take part in workshops with the Parliament's education team and futures forum. They will discuss issues including how an MSYP's role fits in with politics and how they can engage with the Scottish Parliament on issues that matter to young people.

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