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'Idiotic' teacher bought heroin

Reprimand for drugs educator who paid a prostitute to help him obtain class A drugs. Tara Fawcett reports.

A drugs education teacher who bought heroin from a prostitute has been given a warning by England's General Teaching Council.

Adam Blomerley, who worked at the West Bridgford school, in Nottingham, went to the city's red-light district in search of the class A drug after drinking with friends at a mid-week dinner party.

He gave the prostitute pound;40 to get him the heroin before he was stopped by two undercover policemen at around 3am who thought he was kerb-crawling.

"It was a hare-brained scheme from the outset with really no real thought as to where it would end," he told a disciplinary hearing last week. "It was more like the thrill of the chase."

After admitting he had three wraps of heroin on him, Mr Blomerley was questioned by police and tested negative for opiates but was "borderline drunk".

The physics and PSHE teacher was released from the cells at 6am and quickly changed before going straight into school on September 9, 2004.

The GTC committee, sitting in Birmingham last week, heard that Mr Blomerley immediately requested a day off to attend Nottingham magistrates court but would not tell the school why.

He was refused permission to take the time as compassionate leave, but called the next day to say that he was ill with stress and later appeared before the court, where he was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay pound;43 costs after pleading guilty to the offence.

It was not until after his court appearance that he told the school what had happened, and he was formally suspended on September 22.

Stephen Hill, deputy head, said: "I was particularly concerned whether Mr Blomerley accepted the seriousness of the offence, particularly as he taught drugs education to pupils.

"I was also concerned whether he was fit to teach on the morning of the arrest."

Mr Blomerley was dismissed in December 2004 and worked temporarily as a supply teacher before starting work for an electrical company.

He told the committee that he had admitted the charges throughout the case and understood why the school dismissed him, but that he was disappointed because he considered himself to be a competent teacher.

Mr Blomerley described his actions as "idiotic" and said: "It wasn't so much a plan but a chain of events, which in the clear light of day seems silly, but at the time it was exciting and interesting and we wanted to know what it was about.

"I really regret it and wish it hadn't happened, but it did."

Mr Blomerley said his friend drove him to the St Anne's area, where he approached a prostitute who went to a nearby student house to get the drugs.

He said: "She came back over and we did the exchange, the money for the drugs. It was on the way back to the car that the police arrest happened."

Mr Blomerley said that he would consider returning to teaching and that his arrest would not get in the way of him teaching drugs education as part of personal, social and health education.

Kirit Modi, chair of the disciplinary hearing, said: "Possession of a class A illegal drug is not conduct which parents, pupils and the public expect of a registered teacher, especially a teacher involved in drugs education."

In issuing Mr Blomerley with a reprimand, which will remain on his file for two years, Mr Modi said this was an isolated incident to which the teacher admitted responsibility throughout.


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