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If Connexions ain't broke...

We are a group of young people involved with Connexions in the Cheshire and Warrington area. The disappointing headlines we have recently seen have said that Connexions is being disbanded. We feel very strongly that this is the wrong course of action.

Young people have worked in partnership with Connexions' staff on a huge number of issues - careers guidance is only one of the many things the service offers.

In 2004, Connexions in Cheshire and Warrington did better than anyone could have expected.

All targets and expectations were exceeded and, on a national level, the figures were great. We therefore do not understand why you could even consider splitting up the service.

At Connexions young people are receiving the impartial advice they deserve.

Young people need to know about all the options available to them, and not just schools' possibly biased opinions. Young people outside education will have no access to the services Connexions currently provides.

We have worked incredibly hard over the past few years. We have achieved fantastic things and actually helped shape the service. We have finally got things working the way we, the young people, want them. Other Connexions partnerships have had similar achievements - so why change things now?

Angela Murrey, Becki Tomkins, Calum McManus, Dayne Davies, Mark Hawhead On Behalf of: Young Peoples Reference Group Connexions Cheshire and Northwich, Cheshire

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