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If I can't win, I won't play

After publication of the millennium review, Elizabeth Maginnis, leader of the teachers' employers, said at a press conference with Ian McCalman, leader of the union side: "If we cannot succeed through negotiations. . . the local authorities will have to consider whether the SJNC is an appropriate vehicle in which to continue to negotiate"(TESS, September 4).

Negotiation is the name of the game And those with some clout always play it the same, Dear Mr McCalman, let's talk until night To see can we get our relationship right.

But let me just say as employer to worm There's no good you thinking that you're going to turn These talks on the good old SJNC To conclusions not thought of and sanctioned by me.

I learned it was fun as a schoolgirl playing chess, You get all his men, your opponent gets stress.

But if he dares threaten your queen let us say Kick over the board, win some other way!

Good training. I now find that life's just the same To negotiate stick to the rules of the game.

What's that? Oh, I don't like at all what you're saying.

If I can't have my way then I'm no longer playing.

R D MacLean. Castleton Village. Inverness

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