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If the snow has closed your school, why not Let It Go?


As many teachers know, freezing weather is snow joke. Cancelling school when every day can be crucial to a child's progress can leave some cold. 

However, when faced with a blizzard, sometimes the best thing to do is to keep it cool. That's exactly what Matt Glendinning, head at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, did this week when forced to close his school because of the winter storms. 

Taking inspiration from Disney's hit film Frozen, Mr Glendinning released a ditty to the tune of the film's iconic song Let It Go. Performing on his school's frozen sports fields, on a staircase and in front of a green screen, he sings with clenched fist and tells his students, "don't come to school, just stay inside" – although he stops short of asking his pupils "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Moses Brown is the latest in a number of song-based ways of letting students and parents that school is closed. Last year, Durham Academy in North Carolina closed their school to an adapted version of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby.


However, children heading outside to delight in the frozen fractals all around were given a warning by Mr Glendinning, "We'll soon be going back, when the storm is passed". 


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