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If you have to prepare an interview lesson, here are some tips gleaned from a range of headteachers

* Go equipped. Take your own resources.

Photocopy plans and props just in case the school photocopier is on the blink.

* Check what information you will be given about the class prior to the lesson. Use this to inform your planning and teaching.

* Keep it simple but ensure you show differentiation in plans and tasks.

Have an alternative activity up your sleeve in case what you've planned isn't working .

* Make it interactive - avoid lengthy monologues - pupils and staff will soon switch off. Keep the class involved with hands-on activities and open questions.

* Show enthusiasm. Be positive but avoid blanket praise - children know when they're being patronised.

* You are allowed to have a sense of humour; in fact, most schools would view this as a vital pre-requisite. Once your nerves settle, try to make it fun.

* Choose comfortable and appropriate clothes. A suit may look good at interview but is it practical in the classroom?

* Do address behaviour issues - have a number of strategies you can use and check school procedures.

* Practice makes perfect - rehearse your planned lesson, preferably with a colleague who is likely to give you constructive feedback. This is a good confidence builder.

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