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IfL's learning difficulties

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis articulates a measured strategy ("Unison adds voice to fury at IfL fee increase", 25 March): the suspension of registration while unions, employers and the government review the situation. That he does not include the Institute for Learning itself in this proposed forum is appropriate.

The IfL leadership's Pythonesque insistence that the haemorrhaging of sectoral confidence is just a flesh wound is consistent with its longstanding failure to honour its founding principle to be member-led. As a consequence it has an acute organisational learning difficulty: it is demonstrably disinclined or unable to be taught or steered by its membership.

It is highly questionable whether the involvement of the IfL's leadership in articulating a vision for the body would have any credibility with the members it purports to represent.

Joel Petrie, Liverpool Community College.

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