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IfL's learning difficulties

It does sometimes feel that there is a determination to discourage all tutors in further and adult education who teach less than 100 hours a year. It is not just the size of the IfL fees. It is also the time and cost of CPD programmes - six hours here on safeguarding, three there on risk assessment. And then there is the fuss and bother of the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) disclosures. Not to mention the size of the programme for even associate qualification.

The Workers' Educational Association is right to fear the loss of a valued workforce. There is a wealth of tutors' experience to be lost: the stained glass artists, the woodland walks experts, the tutors for singing, the leaders to develop organisational skills. But also the accountants, hair stylists and building carpenters who contribute so much to vocational courses on just one morning a week. All these should be treasured and encouraged.

Russ Russell, EETAS, North Somerset.

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