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I'm Frank, hire me;Jotter

Frank Pignatelli, who goes by the title of group director, human resources at Associated Newspapers, was back on the education beat at the school boards' conference in Glasgow. Speaking on his favourite subject, parents in the curriculum, Pignatelli admitted he was out of touch since leaving his director's post in Strathclyde. "I said to David (Hutchison, SSBA president), it's going to be content free."

"So the same old stuff, then?" Hutchison is said to have replied.

Big Frank disclosed he may not hang around the Daily Mail and Evening Standard much longer and is likely to give up trying to tell journalists how to run their affairs. Always a fruitless task, we can assure him.

Now what jobs are available in Glasgow? Applications on a postcard to Caley Yoonie.

A case of a Mason being replaced by a Tim perhaps.

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