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Imperial view of the War

The Imperial War Museum (Lambeth Road, London SE1) has organised three courses for key stage 2 teachers on the theme "Interpreting the Second World War" on July 11, 12 and 13. The first will look at evacuation, the Blitz and rationing; the second will explore how objects and artists' views can be used as evidence; and the third will be on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Fee: Pounds 20 per day. Details: 0171 416 5312. The museum is marking VE Day with a Victory Festival which runs until August 28.

Highlights include exhibitions on London at war, the Channel Islands, and victory in the Far East, "Fashion on the Ration" (Forties fashion shows), "War Paint" (cosmetics make-overs), and "We'll Eat Again" (wartime cooking). Details: 0171 416 5000.

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