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The Incepta

Do you sneer about cars that have been badly designed, tell jokes about the Yugo and the Lada? You will know, then, that good design sells cars. Yet we buy computers that are offensive to look at by the million.

The just-launched Viglen Incepta has some interesting design features. The computer might be increasing its impact on our lives, but if the new Viglen is anything to go by it will decrease its impact on our desks.

There isn't the real flair here that designed the iMac, but there are advances. The new Viglen Incepta has tried a fresh look at the problem. The main box only takes up only 24cm x 13cm. The bst feature is the fact that it has inputs on the front. The Incepta has two USB ports and slots for headphones and microphone at the front. No more clambering round the back.

The flat monitor is beautifully designed and is good to look at. They are probably going to get thinner than this but it will do for now. The Incepta is not massively radical in design but it is a move towards creating machines that will have as much intelligence expended on the outside as on the inside.

The Incepta (Celeron 500MHz, 64mb memory, 6.4gb hard disk)Price: pound;575 (standard monitor), pound;1,135(flat screen)

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