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Dyslexia and Inclusion. By Gavin Reid. David Fulton. pound;18

This book aims to give teachers an understanding of dyslexia and to offer practical suggestions for teaching dyslexic pupils in a mainstream setting.

It emphasises the need to involve the whole school to ensure that dyslexic children are identified and catered for in all lessons. It therefore stresses the need for non-specialist class teachers to become aware of the strengths and difficulties resulting from dyslexia and to learn how to use a multi-sensory teaching approach.

In part, Gavin Reid meets these targets well. Different learning styles are discussed and advice is given on structuring tasks, using key words, memory aids, mind maps and colour to make teaching more effective. Relevant books, games, websites and contacts are included.

The clarity of the text is variable. Some parts are direct and friendly, but others are weighed down with academic references, making it harder to follow key points. The section on assessment assumes knowledge of specific terms that is too high for non-specialists, and the lack of a glossary makes this part daunting.

I would recommend the selective use of this book, perhaps by Sencos to encourage and train class teachers to teach dyslexic pupils effectively. I will certainly use it.

Diana Hudson

Learning support co-ordinator at Wycombe Abbey School

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