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ICT for Learners with Special Needs By Nicole Taylor and John Chacksfield David Fulton, pound;25

Mainly targeted at those working with adults, this book provides three well-resourced sections which represent an effective resource for teachers and other professionals.

Section one looks at the needs of the learner using Mosey's seven adaptive skills system. It breaks down the process of assessing need, taking into consideration the factors that influence the learner, such as culture, religion and external stress, in addition to the disability.

Section two is devoted to schemes of work and session plans, which are detailed enough to be a real help while remaining open to adaptation.

Well-illustrated tutor notes are provided to support the scheme.

Section three deals with the choice of equipment and software and explores appropriate routes towards accreditation. The final chapters provide a comprehensive list of useful organisations and an overview of the legislation that affects trainers and learners, in Britain and internationally.

The CD contains an impressive collection of resources in Word format that integrate well with the programme.

The style and presentation of this book are businesslike. Although the layout seems confusing at first glance, there is no doubt that it is a valuable asset.

Stewart Bullen Head of science, Hailey Hall School, Hertford

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