Is inclusion in action not better than testing for all?

Eric Young iTelligent Classrooms Limited, Mayfield House, Biggar

Your Jotter item (March 9) reported Sir Tom Hunter's interview with two young broadcasters from Eastbank Academy in Glasgow.

Apparently, he told them: "'I can' is better than IQ". Jotter called it an "old saw", but research over the past few years telling us that effort makes us smarter has certainly sharpened it up.

Rather than thinking that young entrepreneurs should leave school as soon as possible, as suggested by Jotter, Sir Tom might have been saying that schools should be about encouraging everyone to do better by trying harder, not engineering success for the relative few who are "exam smart".

If so, perhaps the "First Philanthropist", as you described him, should take the First Minister aside and ask him if he really wants A Curriculum for Excellence to be inclusion in action, or if he is more interested in just testing for all.

We need an answer to that: both can't sit comfortably in the same classroom.

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