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Incomprehensible testing

My Year 2 teachers and myself have unwrapped the boxes containing the comprehension tests for level 2 reading, key stage 1.

We are very angry indeed, and quite distressed at the format and content of these tests.

How the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority is able to put this in as a compulsory element for level 2, without consultation or discussion, is beyond belief.

This type of work is, in our opinion, dubious practice for infants. It is very hard and does not match the level of ability of most level 2 readers.

The first story is not even a straightforward comprehension. Children are being asked to give answers based on implication and inference, not even straight reading. This was level 3 work not long ago and we are appalled at the way this has been imposed on children and on teachers this year.

The percentages of children reaching level 2 at Pipworth will be greatly lessened if the comprehension is scored in with the book reading. We have worked really hard to raise standards in this school, we have succeeded already and will improve in the future. We need to set realistic targets. How can we do this when every year the tests are changed?

My teachers will not give this work to the children as it so unfair and so inappropriate, as well as being threatening and failure inducing.


Headteacher, Pipworth Nursery Infant School, Pipworth Road, Sheffield

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