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Independent sector will make sure it stays ahead

PARENTS have already been warned that fees in independent schools are certain to rise to keep the sector ahead on pay and recruitment.

Around half of them pay 4-6 per cent above state sector salaries and most will want to maintain differentials , Judith Sischy, director of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools, confirmed.

Schools are meeting next month to comider their position after study- ing the full package. "Everyone is anxious to see teachers properly rwarded," Mrs Sisehy said.

Fees for a day pupil at the average city independent run to more than pound;5 000 a year and can be expected to nse substantially. Teachers' salaries swallow around 70 per cent ofcosts.

The sector is less concerned with the extra duties. "Conrniitment is already written into their contracts in terms of meetings, extracurricu- lar, weekend activities and trips," Mrs Sisehy said. Bursars and classroom assistants are already a feature.

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