Individualised learning is a 'crass system'

It is interesting to learn that cries of "it wisnae me" also echo through the corridors of the higher institutions of learning.

While I welcome Brian Boyd's identifying of HMIE as the principal culprit in the enforcement of individualised learning on a reluctant teacher population (TESS, September 22), the buck does not quite stop there.

Those many individuals who enthusiastically adopted and promoted this crass system of teaching and learning, indeed, whose career paths were smoothed and enhanced by its adoption, are similarly culpable.

Kevin Logan, mentioned by Professor Boyd as spending years in the wilderness for his opposition to individualised learning, was not alone in his wilderness. He appears to be one of many who long doubted the efficacy of individualised learning.

Of more importance, however, were the many, many pupils who suffered - and continue to suffer - as a result.

If anything is to be learned from this short burst of correspondence, it is that teachers should be wary and be prepared to question the advice emanating from "on high".

Today's quiescent teacher population, currently absorbing the nuances of formative assessment, co-operative learning and metacognition, should take heed.

Hugh Humphries

Tinto Road


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