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An inexcusable excuse note

Writing excuse notes for children who are off school is just too much hassle for some parents, it seems. One teacher was recently handed the following letter from an ingenious mother (which has been forwarded to us by our friends at by a child returning after an absence:

"Dear Teacher, Please can you fill in the sick note for my child. My daughter was not at school on.... This was because (please ask my daughter and delete as appropriate): a) she had a sore throat b) she was sick c) she had diarrhoea d) she had toothache e) she went to the doctor's f) other reason. Yours sincerely, Mrs X."

The Diary suggests the following standard response from teachers if such labour-saving ever catches on: "Dear Parent, Please: a) bog off b) hand over your child to social services immediately, Yours sincerely, The Teacher."

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