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Teachers and students with two weeks to spare can apply for grants worth up to Pounds 2,000 to cover travel to any country (out of 40) to work on a professional research project in the earth, life or human sciences. Previous projects, such as studying acid rain damage in Czech forests, have provided ample material for follow-up classroom work. Applicants submit a short essay on what they will gain through participation. Earthwatch members can also join discovery weekends and special events throughout the year. Details: Maureen O'Neill, 01865 311600.


Mr H C Katyal, director and principal of Dayawati Modi Academy, Modipuram, India, is keen to organise a school party exchange with a secondary school in England. Details: John C Francis, Associated Examining Board, 01483 506506 ext. 2348.


To educate 11 to 14-year-olds on the dangers of too much exposure to the sun and the importance of skin protection, Laboratoires Garnier is introducing a summer-term campaign into schools. The workcards, written and reviewed by experienced teachers, can be studied during science and health education lessons, and there is also a competition which asks children to create a "Safe in the sun" message. Details: 0171 373 7716.

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