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REX BEDDIS TRAVEL BURSARY An award of Pounds 1,000 is available for the joint objectives of promoting UKoverseas school linking (but not to pay for pupil exchanges) and the production of education materials relating to environment and development issues. Details: Sarah King, education department, World Wide Fund for Nature, 01483 426444.

RESEARCH REQUEST For her BA.Ed (Hons) dissertation, Sally Howard is researching the study of Shakespeare in the primary curriculum and its accessibility to key stage 2 pupils. Do readers agree that in the light of key stage 3 assessment, it is advisable for teachers and pupils to approach Shakespeare at an early age to become familiar with the language through practical approaches? Address: 9 Bridge Street, Crickhowell, PowysNP8 1AR.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD SCHEME East Sussex organisers of the scheme would like to hear from gold award winners or anyone connected with the awards over the years for a 40th anniversary historical record. Examples welcomed ranging from activities and anecdotes to photographs and projects. Respondents will be invited to events, and to sign a special book. To contribute information or to find out more about the award, contact: Brian Watts, 01273 481973.

SPICE A working group is being set up for this recently-formed organisation, which aims to promote educational development in Grenada, consolidate links between Grenada and Britain, and encourage awareness of Grenadian culture. Details: Colin Babb, co 25 Eckstein Road, London SW11 1QE.

PENFRIEND WANTED Andrew Maglimbi (21) from New Guinea would like a penpal in London. His interests are: reading, guitar, piano, keyboards, gospel music and writing. Address: PO Box 1843, Boroko NCD, Papua, New Guinea.

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