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The Office for Standards in Education has commissioned a report from Cambridge Department of Education on research confirming or challenging the widely-reported differences in boys' and girls' performances. The team would welcome copies of reports by teachers, teams of local inspectors and advisers, and higher education staff working with schools and LEAs. Of particular interest are school-based initiatives designed to change these trends, and any procedures which support the regular monitoring of data. Address: Dr Evelyn Arizpe, Department of Education, 17 Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1QA, tel: 01223 332888.

PAMELA SHERIDAN AWARD FOR SEX EDUCATION The Family Planning Association invites entries by July 26 from schools, health education, community and youth groups. Prizes totalling Pounds 2,000 will be awarded for exemplary sex education programmes geared towards primary, secondary and special school pupils. They should encompass equal opportunities, a needs-centred approach, and partnership with parents and young people. Details: FPA, 2-12 Pentonville Road, London N1 9FP.


Radio Four is looking for workers in education who may have suffered a setback to their health after seeking a spiritual healer; either directly or through postponing other treatment. Ring 0171 765 3770 (in confidence)

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