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LATIN AND GREEK AT SECONDARY SCHOOLS Open School is compiling a list of opportunities for learning classical languages. If your school offers LatinGreek language courses (in or out of the timetable), or would like to, please contact: Mark Casserley, Open School Greek and Latin Programme, 18 Victoria Park Square, London E2 9PF.

SAVE BRITAIN'S HERITAGE - SCHOOL BUILDINGS Have you a favourite school building which is now neglected or been given a new life? Have you lost a familiar landmark for which you still mourn? SBH is planning a report on urban schools in England and Wales which will include such topics as the development of school design and a gazetteer of schools (demolished, future uncertain and reused). Please send details and photographs or drawings by December 10 to Celia Clark, 8 Florence Road, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2NE, 0705 732912.

MENTAL HEALTH EDUCATORS' DATABASE A new database is being developed by the National Health Service Training Division. Any individuals and organisations in the NHS, local authority social services departments, academic institutions and voluntary organisations who have not yet registered should contact: Linda Howard, 071 229 8739.

STANLEY SPENCER SANDHAM CHAPEL MURALS Stanley Spencer, who served in field ambulances in Macedonia during the First World War, was commissioned to paint an entire chapel as a memorial to Lieutenant Henry Sandham who died in 1919. The murals depict Spencer's war experiences and can be viewed throughout the winter. Sandham Chapel is in Burghclere, near Newbury, Berkshire. Details: Sarah Hook, 0635 278394.

JUMP ROPE FOR HEART The Jump Rope chest which the British Heart Foundation sends to schools to support its sponsored skipping programme contains brightly-coloured ropes, sponsor forms and activity cards plus a booklet, Exercise: a Lesson for Life, to help PE teachers explain cardiovascular fitness and the physiology of the heart and circulatory system. Details: National Events, BHF, 071 935 0185.

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