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Sixth formers and students are wanted by Eco Ventures to join a group studying nesting seabird populations on Isla de la Plata (off the Ecuador coast), which is home to magnificent coral reefs and visited by migrating humpback whales. Part of Fundacion Natura's "Parks in Peril" programme, the study will assess the impact of effects like El Nino and tourism on bird populations, carry out a census of nesting booby, frigatebird and albatross populations and contribute to a management plan. Details: 01237 472135; e-mail: WORKSHOPS WITH REFUGEE WRITERS

Jennifer Langer, author of The Bend in the Road: Refugees Writing offers workshops with refugee writers for schools and colleges. Topics include: refugees, literature of exile, identity, racism, human rights and creative writing. Details: Jennifer Langer, PO Box 15123, London NW11 OWH.

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