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Initial problem

In the 21st century AD, education is controlled nationally by the DCSF, formerly known as the DfES, and locally by LAs, formerly known as LEAs.

In schools, children with SEN see the SENCO and the SENSS teacher and are given an IEP. Children with EBD are often assessed by the EP and may be given a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD.

Teachers nowadays often follow a PGCE course or the GTP. They probably use resources from AQA or QCA in the classroom and Sats and GCSEs form a major part of the assessment process. And if they have a LAC in their class, they may well be expected to submit a PEP to a LAC review.

When children go home, they watch DVDs or play on PS3s. And we wonder why pupils use text language and can't spell.

Glynis Day, Prospect School, East Riding of Yorkshire.

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