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Insect Teaching Bag by Insect Lore

Any mention of insects seems to create anxiety in both children and adults. While butterflies and ladybirds escape being stamped on, their uglier insect relatives may not fare so well. To help create a more bug-friendly world, Insect Lore has turned bugs into cuddly teaching aids for the new Insect Teaching Bag. The10 felt insects - including butterflies, ladybirds, beetles and dragonflies - measure between 8cm and9cm and are backed by velcro, making them easy to attach to cloth for demonstrations or decoration. The multi-coloured insects can be stored in a drawstring bag when not in use.

Insect Teaching Bag costs pound;12.46 and is available together with dozens of other insect-themed resources from Insect Lore, PO Box 1420, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes MK19 9ZH.Tel: 01908 563 338. Website:

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