An insight into English

Bethan Marshall

SPOTLIGHT ON THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE By Sandy Brownjohn andGareth Gwyn-Jones Hodder Stoughton Pounds 6.5, Teacher's Resource Book Pounds 16.99 Age range: 8-13.

Spotlight on the English Language focuses on the more concrete areas of language study, in particular, the history of English and parts of speech. It aims to develop an ear for and interest in the language which surrounds us.

It is packed with useful information that allows children to see both the origins of the words they use and develop an understanding of the history of the language in their environment through place and street names. There are colourful maps showing regional variations and worksheets in the teacher's resource book develop the ideas further. The authors have included, for example, maps of the City of London so that children can trace the origins of many of the street names. The activities which look at word origins are fascinating and give an insight into the eccentricities of English spelling, particularly in the section on Anglo-Saxon words. The book provides an opportunity to play with language, while introducing children to some of the technical terms that describe what they have been doing.

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