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Inspection mars retirement

A COLLEAGUE recently received notice that his school was to be inspected towards the end of this autumn term.

It so happens that within a few days of the completion of the proposed inspection, he will retire after nearly a quarter of a century of successful headship. He was understandably swift to point out that the inappropriateness of the Office for Standards in Education timing and received an immediate faxed response.

The inspection would go ahead - it would, apparently, be a"good thing". It was even mooted that he return in the new year to deal with the feedback.

No matter that the governors would be occupied for several days during the inspection interviewing for a new headteacher; no matter that he would at that time be clearing his mind and his shelves of the detritus of the years.

For stupidity and crass insensitivity this takes a lot of beating.

P Noble

St Andrews CE primary school

Linley Road

Blunsdon, Wiltshire

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