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The inspector's art collection

Government money tends to come with strings attached, as Plymouth businessman Alan Jeffery could find out to his cost if he continues to display pictures of semi-clad women on his car workshop wall.

Plymouth college of further education has warned that if he doesn't take them down, he could jeopardise his chances of getting apprentices through the college.

The Adult Learning Inspectorate takes a dim view of the car mechanic's penchant, which is against the organisation's equality of opportunity policy.

But I hear colleges themselves don't come under the same scrutiny as the companies through which their MA programmes are provided. While ALI will downgrade an offending firm, the Office for Standards in Education, the lead agency for college inspections, has no such qualms, with no corresponding rules about what goes on in educational buildings.

In fact, I hear, the college admin office could be adorned with the same material and the Ofsted report would remain unsullied.

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