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Inspectors balk at bottom line

Readers will remember that when Alan Jeffery decided to take on a modern apprentice he discovered the scheme wore more strings than the models on his wall.

Plymouth college insisted his 21-year-old male apprentice should be spared the appalling spectacle, or else.

The "or else" being that the MA programme would suffer at the hands of the Adult Learning Inspectorate. The implication being that workplaces which display girlie posters could find that they would be unable to get apprentices in the future.

FErret hears ALI's bottom inspectors, as it were, have been and gone at Plymouth college. But, for whatever reason, they didn't pop in to his workshop, where the offending posters are displayed.

Perhaps ALI is averting its gaze for fear of modern apprenticeships being discontinued in virtually every workshop in the land?

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