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The Inspectors Call

Inspectors visited 12 pupil referral units in the 1994-5 academic year. They found that: * Teachers showed concern for pupils' difficulties, but insufficient recognition of the need to improve achievement.

* Standards of attainment were too low, even allowing for pupils' past histories.

* Teaching was generally below the standard required to successfully re-integrate pupils into schools.

* Teachers were often struggling to cope with groups of pupils who were too diverse in their needs.

* Teachers were seldom subject specialists, and had insufficient training and support.

* Improvements were shown in pupils' response to schooling, behaviour and attendance.

* There was insufficient information on pupils' previous attainments on which to plan their curriculum.

* Some statemented pupils were placed for excessive periods in the units.

* Greater support and direction was required from local education authorities, to ensure that placements of pupils were short-term.

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