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Inspectors' lies have to stop

With regard to your article about governors preparing for inspection (TES, January 30) I am not surprised that the law on a daily act of collective worship has been ignored for so long. It is a bad law. How many Christians go to church every day?

As for the unreasonable new Office for Standards in Education framework, whereby both governing bodies (and lessons) can be judged to be unsatisfactory overall if only one aspect of performance is deemed to be so, it is about time we all realised what this means.

Teachers and governors (I am both) should not be cravenly preparing for this. When Ofsted makes these judgments, they are not part of a tough new wheeze to drive up standards: they are lies. And when the wretched Ofsted reports are broadcast on the internet, they are libellous lies. Ofsted should be repeatedly sued until it stops this destructive nonsense, Tim Mann 3 Cricket Drive Waterlooville,Hampshire

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