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Inspiring model for the dyslexic

Having just read "Gifted with the curse" (TES, July 29), I wanted to congratulate you on finding such exciting and inspirational people to write about.

The author Sally Gardner has shown courage and perseverance in achieving her ambitions that we can all learn from.

As a newly qualified teacher (who also happens to be dyslexic) I found her story a comfort and inspiration. As a dyslexic it is often difficult to stay positive about your abilities, regardless of the amount that you have achieved.

I am very proud to be a dyslexic teacher and feel I can understand and empathise with my students.

I hope to give my pupils the confidence so that they, like Sally, can overcome any problem, no matter how large.

As teachers we should focus on showing dyslexic pupils the abilities behind their disability. Thank you Sally for helping me to conquer self-doubt, as I enter my first year as a qualified teacher.

Cathy Fox. 2 George Road, Sedgley Dudley, West Midlands

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