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An insult to staff

More rubbish from the Department for Education and Skills which now seems to believe that anyone can teach. It really does beggar belief that you can put non-teaching staff into a classroom (albeit with training) and expect them to teach as well as a fully-trained teacher.

If the DfES thinks it can, why doesn't it train them properly and pay the the going rate? As a father of three and guardian of 565 primary children I demand that my children are taught by properly trained professionals supported by wonderful teams of assistants such as we employ here. These crass and ignorant ideas from the DfES are in effect telling teachers that they are worthless. Thankfully, my brilliant staff know only too well how I value their work and how well appreciated they are by our parents. Get real DfES and stop peddling such derogatory, thoughtless twaddle.

Dominic Cragoe

Head, Sheringham primary school, Sheringham, Norfolk

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