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* For what is probably the fullest history of intelligence testing on the internet, go to Includes an "interactive map" and index of biographies and "hot topics".

* The IQ Fallacy, a partisan essay about intelligence testing,is on the Autism National Committee website at www.autcom.orgiq.html.

* Mensa (

* Visit www.ed.psu.eduINSYSESDGardnermenu.html to read the transcripts of several interviews with Howard Gardner, or to view a video clip of him discussing educational reform.


* Howard Gardner's books include: Frames of Mind: the theory of multiple intelligences (HarperCollins, pound;9.99); Multiple Intelligences: the theory in practice (Basic Books, pound;13.99); The Disciplined Mind: beyond facts and standardised tests (Penguin Putnam, pound;13.99); Intelligence Reframed (Basic Books, pound;11.99); Good Work: when excellence and ethics meet (Basic Books, pound;18.99); The Unschooled Mind: how children think and how schools should teach (Basic Books, pound;12.99).

* Emotional Development and Emotional Intelligence: educational implications, by Peter Salovey and David J Sluyter (Basic Books, pound;36.99).

* Emotional Intelligence: why it can matter more than IQ, by Daniel Goleman (Bloomsbury, pound;7.99).

* The New Leaders, by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee (Little, Brown, pound;17.99).

* Working with Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Gorman (Bloomsbury, pound;7.99).

* Creativity: flow and the psychology of discovery and invention, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, (HarperPerennial, pound;8.32).

* What's it All About?, by Jill Clough, Irene Dalton and Bernard Trafford (Secondary Heads Association, pound;10. Order on

* Vygotsky and Pedagogy, by Harry Daniels (Routledge Falmer, pound;18.99).

* Psychological Tools: a sociocultural approach to education, by Alex Kozulin (Harvard University Press, pound;29.50).

* Hare Brain Tortoise Mind: why intelligence increases when you think less, by Guy Claxton (Fourth Estate, pound;7.99).

* Values for Thinking, by Robert Fisher (Nash Pollock, pound;11.99).

* Teaching Thinking Skills across the Primary Curriculum, edited by Belle Wallace (David Fulton, pound;16).

* Closing the Learning Gap, by Mike Hughes (Network Educational Press, PO Box 635, Stafford ST16 1BF. pound;15.95, plus pound;2.95 pamp;p. Fax order to: 01785 228566.

* EQ + IQ=:best leadership practices for caring and successful schools, edited by Maurice J Elias, Harriet Arnold and Cynthia Steiger Hussey (Corwin Press, pound;23) FOR CHILDREN

* Thinking Out of the Box, by Chris Henshaw (Nijen Ltd, 43 King Henry Close, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 7EZ. Tel: 01242 57535, pound;21.99 incl pamp;p). Described by a TES reviewer as "a little gem from an astute teacher", this "box" is designed to help children develop healthy thinking skills.

* Because We're Worth it, by Margaret Collins, pound;10; Because I'm Special, by Margaret Collins, pound;18; Dealing With Feelings, by Tina Rae, pound;24; The Powerhouse, by Elizabeth and Katie Morris, pound;18.

All published by Lucky Duck. Order on: 0117 973 2881. The latest crop of publications on developing self-esteem build on work by pioneers in the field such as Jenny Mosley.

A comprehensive list of resources on intelligence can be found at

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