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International congress

INTERNATIONAL MathsYear 2000 coincides with the next jamboree of the mathematics education community, the Ninth International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME-9). This takes place in Tokyo in the first week of August.

At the last ICME, in Seville in 1996, there were 5,000 teachers, lecturers and researchers, including more than 250 from the UK.

The aim of the congress is to share knowledge and experience about teaching and learning maths. You can attend presentations from any of 60 internationally well-known names, or short talks and discussions .

Exhibitions, whether of new textbooks, the latest multi-media software, research projects, or posters that anyone can bring about their own work, povide an opportunity for conversation with people with the same interests. The official language of the congress is English. The ICME website is ac.jpicme-9 It is expensive to get to Japan, but the Joint Mathematical Council of the UK is grateful for the support of the Royal Society and other sponsors; so far we have been able to offer grants to 19 people including nine teachers, both primary and secondary. There are still some funds available for people who apply by March 1.

Information and forms from the London Mathematical Society, tel: 0171 637 3686; e-mail:

Margaret Brown is professor of education at King's College London and the UK representive for ICME-9

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