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International - Schoolovision, douze points

The UK has a dismal track record in the Eurovision Song Contest, but an East Lothian primary has impressed with its own pan-continental songwriting competition.

Yester Primary, in Gifford, competed against 700 other schools around the world and won the Best Cross Border Co-operation in Europe prize at the 2009 eLearning Awards, held in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.

It had created Schoolovision 2009, a project for primary schools based on the Eurovision Song Contest. Teacher Michael Purves found partners from 30 European countries, who all agreed to produce, with their pupils, a song representative of their homeland.

All had to upload their songs to a project blog a week before the real Eurovision Song Contest, in May last year. Over the next few days, pupils in each of the 30 countries watched and evaluated all the songs. They then came together to cast votes for their favourites, by webcam conference.

Mr Purves hand-delivered a trophy last June to the winning class, from Brno, in the Czech Republic. Those who watched the triumphant class perform their winning song included the country's deputy education minister and the Mayor of Brno.

Yester Primary won EUR1,000 (about pound;900) and a digital camcorder.

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