Internet insights

Sam Saunders introduces the first of a weekly series of information boxes on Websites that will interest researchers and inquisitive teachers.

What teachers want from educational research is reliable guidance on what works, and why. They also want it in a hurry. Do smaller classes really help? How can homework promote learning? A really useful US Department of Education Website brings school-relevant research closer to the place where it matters most. http:www.ed.govpubsstudies.html is the address. The UK Government seems less confident in telling the research tale, but the Teacher Training Agency at has some bite-sized reports written by teachers. The wonderful Scottish Council for Research in Education has its "Spotlights" series at with real nuggets of research-based practical wisdom that could keep a few INSET days busy. (If you can't wait for the homework guidance, it's at http:www.ed.govpubsHelpingStudentstitle.html).

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