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SOMETHING I heard on the Internet reminded me of how little evidence we have that computer-based learning is any better than other kinds.

Angela McFarlane of Homerton College Cambridge was talking (literally, via an audio file) specifically about "Integrated Learning systems": large sets of curriculum materials that aim to keep children working at the right level. She concludes that these systems can have the desired effect and that children do remember what they have learned.

But she reminds us that this is also true for other methods.

To get the best out of technoloy, teachers need to understand more fully what their pupils are up to. Longer "time on task" might look good but might include long periods of puzzled staring at an incomprehensible screen.

You can hear Ms McFarlane talk you through the research wisdom at: This item is one from a wide range of material offered by the ICT Educational Research Forum at Exeter University at:

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