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The five-year Leverhulme Numeracy Research Programme, headed by Professor Margaret Brown, is one of 17 current research and development projects listed by the School of Education at King's College London at Each item in the list is linked to research questions, procedures, time-scales and contact details for the principal researchers. There is a strong sense of practical involvement and "relevance" in all the programmes. Preliminary insights and details of some associated publications are also given.

The numeracy programme itself takes in a number of distinct projects, including the Whole School Action on Numeracy Project led by Professor David Johnson, Dr Alison Millett and Dr Dylan Wiliam. This project is looking at schools identified by the Office for Standards in Education as "needing to develop their teaching of numeracy". It aims to follow their progress and to be able to inform and improve numeracy teaching more generally by identifying the features of school and teacher inputs that have an impact on pupils' attainment in numeracy. A direct link to the Leverhulme Project is at:

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