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Interpreters needed for Afghan link

Dari and Pashto speakers are needed to help create a satellite link-up between British and Afghan colleges. Global Leap, a video-conferencing project, hopes to establish a link between British students and their Afghan counterparts.

"Regular video-conferences are organised by linking together ISDN lines," said Mike Griffith, assistant head of Arbour Vale school in Slough, and founder of the Global Leap project. "But in Afghanistan they don't have that technology in the classrooms, so we're using portable systems."

Communication firm Stratos will donate five hours of satellite time, and the Ministry of Defence has said the army will transport equipment. Brendan O'Malley, The TES foreign editor, has flown to Afghanistan to help UNICEF find suitable schools. But communication with the UK depends on a Dari or Pashto-speaking interpreter.

Email or tel: 020 7782 3243

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