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Aashiq, 24, is studying for a PGCE in business and economics at the Institute of Education in London

This week I'm... researching teachers' pay to see if it affects performance.

I'm determined to... have a positive impact on students lives, in the same way that my teachers gave me self-belief.

My teaching hero is... Mr Williams, my old English teacher, who looks a bit like a wizard. I'm going to be applying for a job at my old high school.

Half the faculty are still there.

I have been pleasantly surprised to find... I'm self driven. Also, that teachers seem quite demoralised, yet teaching standards are actually very high.

But shocked to discover that... there is a lack of respect for authority from some kids. I was hit from behind trying to break up a fight on my first placement.

Teaching is... a moral obligation towards academic and personal development.

This evening I'm... giving my partner a surprise. She thinks we're going to a boring family function, but I'm going to take her out for dinner at the Jazz Cafe.

The education white paper is... just for show. Education reform generally works on the surface rather than for real change. There needs to be more dialogue with the teachers rather than a publicity machine.

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