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Carol Woodward is headteacher at Burneston Primary School, North Yorkshire Our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes spent the whole day at The World of James Herriot. It was fantastic. I had visited before, walking around with Lisa, the education officer there, to discuss a programme and choose materials and activities suitable for our children.

We started in the barn, which took me back to when I was a child. There were eggs everywhere and old rusty wheels and horse brasses.

The children got to sit in the vintage car used by the vets in the TV series - they loved that.

Then we went through the rooms. In class we'd been studying the history of the recent past and the children were fascinated by the old gramophone, the television, the wireless, and where the vets mixed all their medicines.

The kitchen is just out of this world. There were real cakes, buns and scones that the children could pick up, The great thing The World of James Herriot was the hands-on element - at so many places you visit pupils are not allowed to touch.

It was all so real and pupils got to do things as well as see them. It was absolutely brilliant.

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