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Coming here is like seeing a piece of America on English soil. We have been studying American history, but it is difficult to find somewhere that gives the students a taste of what life was like for Americans in the early days of their colonial history. At the museum, there are rooms full of atmosphere and historical artefacts. We have been looking at the history of the Pilgrim Fathers, and the Boston Tea Party and Massacre, so many of the exhibits fit into our period. It also provides a good bridge for studying the Stewarts for GCSE.

The guides are very informative, with interesting anecdotes to tell and the girls have been interested in many of the details, such as how the smell of fish oil used for lighting pervaded the rooms, and the role the children played in the household.

Trying on the costumes is a real winner and I would like to have more time to explore them. We spent some time in the textiles section as we have been working on a quilt at school, with each girl making a square based on the bridal quilt that is displayed here.

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