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Invitation offered and accepted

Last week you published a letter from me refuting the serious accusations that I had manipulated inspection data for political purposes.

That letter had a final paragraph which you chose not to print.

It read: "Finally, your readers should know that I am writing privately to invite Patricia Rowan and the TES reporters who were involved in this story to visit OFSTED in order to examine our data bank and to discuss the criticisms made with the HMI involved."

It is important that your readers know that we are confident enough in the honesty of our work to offer this invitation to The TES.

CHRIS WOODHEAD Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools

OFSTED. The final paragraph was dropped from Chris Woodhead's published letter to the editor because attempts to follow up his invitation with the OFSTED office met with no success last week. We hope now that the visit can be arranged soon.


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