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Ipswich Lesson smorgasbord on Academy menu

A Swedish education company that allows pupils to set their own timetables is to run a new academy in Ipswich under plans unveiled by Suffolk County Council.

Kunskapsskolan, a profit-making company that operates more than 30 schools in Sweden, is the council's choice of sponsor for an academy to replace Holywells High School next year.

The company's philosophy is to give pupils the freedom to design their own curriculum. They agree individual timetables with their personal tutors each week, depending on their learning needs. And they are encouraged to work at their own pace, using the learning techniques that best suit them.

The company favours a thematic curriculum, but also teaches English, maths and languages as separate subjects.

In Sweden, Kunskapsskolan pupils work from home at times, but that will not be allowed here.

The company has also been chosen to sponsor two academies in Richmond upon Thames in south-west London.

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