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'Irrelevance' no bar to a good job

Before proceeding with this item, we ask readers to follow these basic safety procedures: 1) lie face down on the floor of the staffroom; 2) pull your right knee up towards your chest so it is fully bent and you are lying on your left side; 3) lean your head on your hands; 4) take three deep breaths; 5) ask a colleague to place the diary on the floor in front of you and slowly read the following paragraph. If at any time breathing becomes short or hackles begin to rise, immediately stop reading and do not return to the item for a least 10 minutes.

He's back! After a year away from education, in which he lost a job as a public relations consultant and his pound;100,000 contract as a writer for the Daily Telegraph was not renewed, the former chief inspector of schools Chris Woodhead has accepted a position as professor of education at the University of Buckingham, Britain's only private university. Mr Woodhead will not reveal his salary and will only say that it will be paid by a nameless "private foundation" (if his contract is anything like fellow Buckingham professor Dennis O'Keeffe he will be paid according to the money he attracts in research grants). Whatever the financial arrangements, however, we are sure Woodhead will be warmly welcomed by a research community he once castigated as being "an irrelevance and a distraction" in all staffrooms across the country.

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